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Working Environment

The most common problem area we are asked about here is computer use, and it important for your screen to be placed appropriately and for your posture to be optimised.

Drying atmospheres can cause soreness or watering, so lubricants or wrap around glasses may be of help. If you have tear flow problems please mention this when booking your appointment so that more time can be put aside for further measurements and advice.

During the eye examination your muscle balance will be assessed and exercises will be considered to increase your reserves where possible. If necessary your refractive error will be adapted to provide you with the best spectacle correction for your workplace.

There are many lens designs which offer you greater depth of focus with a more natural head position, and these are of particular value in an office or if you have a neck problem. Here we can draw on some experience to identify the most appropriate wear.

Coatings and specific tints can reduce eye fatigue, and may enhance contrast in certain environments, and impact resistance is greater in trivex or polycarbonate lenses. For DIY and hazardous environments you should wear spectacles which conform to the European Standard BSN 166. If you work outside then you will also need protection from blue and UV light.

For comfort you may prefer frames which are lighter or which provide a wider field of vision.

Our staff are well trained and interested in these technologies. Please ask for help if you have a problem.

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