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Reading Difficulties

Eye rubbing

Excessive blinking

Poor concentration

Difficulty in keeping place

Firstly it is necessary to eliminate any problem with the health of the eyes, and the refractive error and vision are then measured. It is important to find how controlled the eye movements are and if there is a problem with synchronisation. Where there are difficulties very often this responds well to specific exercises.

Visual stress may cause text to appear to move, or to prompt headache or fatigue. It is found particularly amongst people who are dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic or amongst those with ADHD, light-triggered migraine or epilepsy.

In these circumstances we will perform an overlay assessment where various coloured sheets will be placed over typeface to find if reading is made easier, to establish if there is scotopic sensitivity syndrome. If this is present you will be provided with some overlays to take home to try over a period of time.

If this proves of value and if there are similar difficulties being experienced with using white or smart boards, or when writing, we would recommend the use of the Intuitive Colorimeter to find which specific tint may be of help in a pair of spectacles. Invariably the tint chosen is quite different from that needed as an overlay, and the value of its use will be determined from the pattern of answers given.

Please ask for an appointment for scotopic sensitivity  if you wish to have these extra tests.

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