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Optical Coherence Tomograhpy

We are privileged to have had Optical Coherence Tomography in the practice for over fourteen years now and are using our fourth instrument of this type, the Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT.

It is used firstly to establish the presence and type of macular degeneration. In this case it is important to understand if treatment is possible, and if urgent referral is required. The first indication that you might have in this situation would be a distortion of your central vision and we would ask you to contact us as soon as this is noticed so that an OCT appointment might be organised.

The device is also used to aid determination of glaucoma by analysing optic nerves, the thickness of your corneas, and the position of your iris – all now understood to be critical to finding the problem at the earliest possible opportunity.

The OCT is also used for various other investigations, more so as it becomes more commonly used for research in other areas.

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