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The ultra-widefield fundus camera is beneficial even if your eyes are healthy. By documenting the health of your retina periodically, your optician can compare images side-by-side and detect subtle changes in your eyes over time. These changes might otherwise go unnoticed and can be the hallmark of early changes in your eye health. 

Some of the most harmful eye diseases such as retinal tears, ocular tumours and diabetic retinopathy occur in the far periphery of the eye, making them difficult to detect.  Symptoms often do not manifest in the early stages and vision may not be affected until there is significant and unrecoverable damage. Using the Clarus 500 ultra-widefield fundus imaging technology, your optician can capture a wide, high-resolution image of your retina, facilitating comprehensive assessment of your eye health and aiding in the early detection and management of eye disease. 

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High-resolution imaging

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