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Our stock includes over a thousand different frames and includes all designer ranges, high technology materials and models for special fittings. We have wide selections of sunglasses and frames for babies and children, also sportswear and fashion for all ages and tastes.

Lens design has developed significantly so that wrapped around frames can now be glazed, and anti reflection coatings and subtle tint specifications can be used to optimise performance. Varifocals are now available in hundreds of designs to suit almost every lifestyle need, and enhanced readers enable much more comfortable computer use.

Driving is one task which requires optimal distance visual performance and here we would recommend anti-reflection coatings and in brighter conditions tints which would absorb blue light.

Sunglass wear will afford you protection against the formation of cataract and macular degeneration later in life, and your choice of lens with or without prescription will vary with the prevailing environment. Polarised lenses reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as water, and some darken as conditions become brighter.

The choices can be bewildering but we are here to help you decide what best suits your requirements and we try as much as possible to talk from first hand experience.

We have no contractural obligation to any supplier and enjoy sourcing lenses and frames to provide you with the best pair of spectacles for you.

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