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Diet and Lifestyle

There are several fundamental areas in which poor nutrition has a measurable effect: in forming cataract and reducing your tear quality and in retinal degeneration.

It is part of our remit to advise you on your risk of damage, and we see it as an increasingly important part of your consultation that you are provided with the necessary information to maintain your vision at the best possible standard, for as long as possible.

Most adjustments can be made easily but occasionally we may recommend vitamin supplements and further review some weeks later to measure their efficacy. This is particularly the case where someone has low macular pigment which increases the likelihood of macular degeneration developing, and here the MPD meter proves invaluable.

Alternatively a patient with dry eye may benefit from the use of omega 3.

Protection from life’s hazards should not be forgotten. Do wear glasses when gardening or undertaking DIY, and ensure sunglasses are used when the sun is at its highest but also when it is in direct line with your face, and when you are near water, snow or reflective surfaces. Sports such as badminton and squash are responsible for significant eye injuries, so please use appropriate eye-wear.

Mixed Greens
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