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Keeping your blood sugars controlled reduces the risk of this by 60%, and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure can further help. If vessel changes are found you will be offered referral for preventative treatment, usually involving a laser, which should protect your vision. The sooner that this is undertaken the better the outcome, so it important that you attend for regular review.

We have a new high resolution fundus camera which scans across the retina which means your eyes no longer need to be dilated. 

We need to provide a full eye examination initially and every two years but if you are at low risk and seeing well, a shortened examination (with dilation) can be undertaken in the intervening years. If you pay Guernsey Insurance contributions you are able to claim a voucher for your diabetic eyecare from your doctor every other year.

Please ask for an eye examination including diabetic screening when you make the appointment.

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