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Contact Lenses

Many of our patients are surprised when we recommend contact lenses to them because they assume that they are not suitable wearers, or perhaps because they are unaware of the practical benefits that lenses can offer. Contact lenses are of particular value for active lifestyles, but some wearers will just use them for social occasions or when playing sport.

Contact lenses are more comfortable than ever and new technologies have been developed to enable people with astigmatism and presbyopia to enjoy sight through daily or monthly lenses.

Age is no barrier and we take particular pleasure in watching the growth in self confidence of our younger wearers after they have been successfully fitted.

After your examination we offer free trials without obligation, and if you decide to proceed we will set aside some time with you so that you can be confident about putting lenses on your eye, removing them and enjoying their use safely.

We will then ask you to return for further assessments to establish if the material and prescription are appropriate for you, or if modifications may be helpful.

We source contact lenses from any supplier, do not have preferred companies, and draw on experience with products that some of our most exacting patients have found successful.

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